What Are Thrive Fertilizers?

Thrive, by NilocG, is an easy to use capsulated and liquid fertilizer with increased concentration of essential micro and macro nutrients. When using Thrive, there is no need to use multiple products to maintain a planted aquarium. This well balanced product is very important for the health and growth of your aquarium plants. Available Thrive products include Thrive, Thrive S, Thrive C, Thrive +, and Thrive Caps. Find out what makes each of these items special.

Thrive Liquid Fertilizer is a standard all-in-one concentration of both micro and macro nutrients. Generally, this specific bottle of aquarium safe fertilizer is used in the average planted aquarium. It is easy to use with easy to follow instruction. 1 pump per 10 gallons once a week is the most common regimen needed for the average planted tank. If keeping a high tech set up, increase the dosage to up to 3x per week. This can be pumped directly into the water. To keep your aquarium happy and healthy, it is always important to keep up with regular water changes. When using this item at its lowest dosage, it is suggested to change 20-30% of your water weekly.

Thrive S is an all-in-one shrimp specific liquid fertilizer intended for planted aquariums with shrimp only. This bottle of Thrive has a lower concentration of nutrients to support plant growth without putting shrimp or other invertebrates at risk. Although all Thrive fertilizing products are shrimp safe, this formula is designed to reduce the buildup of unused nutrients and keep the water balanced. Shrimp only tanks are typically petite, and require small and infrequent water changes. When Thrive, Thrive C, and Thrive + are used, the aquariums require larger and more frequent water changes as compared with the use of Thrive S. It is also important to note that this formula does not contain copper since it can be extremely harmful if allowed to buildup in shrimp only tanks.

Thrive C is an all-in-one liquid fertilizer formulated for low tech planted aquariums. The term “low tech” refers to planted aquariums with lower lighting and no CO2 injection. In low tech setups, aquarium plants typically need less available nutrients so the aquarium doesn’t develop a buildup of excess nutrients causing algae growth and water instability. The formula for Thrive C still contains the necessary micro and macro nutrients, but in reduced amounts. This formula also contains a source of carbon for optimal growth in low tech planted aquariums. This non-glut based source of bio-available carbon provides 2 to 3x the amount of carbon compared to other carbon supplements. The recommended dose while using Thrive C is 1 pump per 5 gallons, 1 to 2 times per week or as needed. 20 to 30% water changes are recommended weekly depending on your tanks specific needs.  

Thrive + is an all-in-one liquid fertilizer specifically designed for high tech planted aquariums with a pH of 7 or lower. The term “high tech” refers to planted aquariums with higher lighting and pressurized CO2. The use of both high lighting and pressurized CO2 creates an optimal environment for plants to grow healthy and rabidly. Due to this rapid plant growth, nutrients available in the aquarium are used very quickly. Thrive + offers an increased amount of micro and macro nutrients, including increased iron and nitrogen. The available nitrogen is in the form of nitrates and organic nitrogen specially formulated for tanks with a pH of 7 or lower. The recommended dose of Thrive + is 1 pump per 10 gallons, 1 to 3 times per week. Water change regimen is dependent upon the individual aquarium.

Thrive Caps are a nutrient rich capsule filled with dry Thrive mix, iron rich clay, and mineralized top soil. These caps are intended to provide nutrients directly to the roots of your aquarium plants. Many heavily rooted plants, such as swords and crypts, require available nutrients at the roots in order to thrive in an aquarium. Place one capsule at the base of you plant or every 5-6 inches. Push the capsule deep into the substrate to keep the minerals and nutrients from escaping to the surface. It is recommended to replace these Thrive capsules every 3-4 months or as needed.