As Rooted Tanks, we strive to offer the best plants and we want you to be happy with them too. Due to the complication of shipping and not being familiar with your aquariums, we cannot accept returns on plants at this time. However, we will offer refunds if the plants do not arrive alive. The stipulation for this requires that you contact me with photos of the plants within two hours of delivery. This ensures the plants don't sit in extreme weather. Please make sure the picture is clear, one while in the bag and a second outside of the bag.


Shipping: All orders will ONLY be shipped Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday through USPS. Once shipped, it takes 2-3 business days to arrive. If order is placed from Wednesday to Sunday, it will be shipped on the following Monday. A tracking number will be provided for you to follow. Be sure to have arrangements to have package picked up when it arrives so your plants do not sit outside in the heat/cold. For more information please refer to our shipping policy HERE. Local Pick Up Order: Pick up orders will be available within 48 hours from the time it was placed. An email and text message will be sent when order is ready. You will need to schedule a time for pick up and please bring email conformation. For more information please refer to our Local Pick Up Policy HERE.


The continental 48 United States.


Here it is! https://www.usps.com/shipping/trackandconfirm.htm Use this link to track your orders. You will be emailed with a tracking number so you can follow your package through the USPS site. If your package never arrived, feel free to contact me so we can help locate your package and get in contact with USPS if needed.


Every aquarium plant is different but require the same principles: light, nutrients, and CO2. These don't have to be complicated depending on the plants you want to keep in your aquarium. There are a wide variety of lights available to the hobby, but it can still be simple when choosing the right fit for your tank. LED lights are my first choice, as they offer a more intense and focused light beam. Most LED lights work great for low to medium light plants, but careful consideration is needed when picking the proper light for aquarium plants with higher light needs. This website HERE is one I refer to quite often because it offers some great information to help point you in the right direction. Lights also need to be on a consistent on/off schedule with an on time of 6-10 hours. Nutrients are the next important thing your plants need in order to survive. Nitrogen is a major nutrient your plants will need but easy to access since your fish produce nitrogenous waste. Other important nutrients include, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and many more. These aren't as readily available. There are a wide variety of liquid and solid fertilizers you can use to add the nutrients required by plants in order to survive. Thrive, Flourish, and Easy Green are a few options you can use to add these nutrients to your aquarium. Liquid fertilizers are great for plants that pull their nutrients from the water column and root tabs are useful for plants that are heavy root feeders and utilize nutrients from the substrate. Last principle needed for plants is carbon dioxide, or CO2. This can be a bit of a difficult subject and may require a bit more research on your part since each plant type has different CO2 requirements. Much like the plants you see outside, aquarium plants need CO2 to photosynthesize, an important metabolic process in plants. CO2 can dissolve in water with increased surface agitation. This can be accomplished with the use of waterfall like filters and sponge filters. Also, fish and plants give off small amounts of CO2. This can be enough to house most low light and medium light plants, but if you want to keep higher level aquarium plants, a CO2 injection will be the most effective method. Aside from helping plants, it can also keep algae at bay. Balance light, nutrients, and CO2 together and your tank will look incredible. Trial and error is important when learning how to balance all three together to get the best results. Don't let this information scare you. I am here to help where I can and that starts with healthy aquarium plants.


It is always possible that plants can arrive with unwanted critters unless you purchase tissue cultures. At Rooted Tanks, we try to keep our main tanks free of snails and algae, but it is best that you always clean your plants thuroughly and quarentine them before placing in your aquarium.


Yes you may. If there is a different plant than what it available or you would prefer to get the plant as emersed grown, please fill out the contact form HERE. Ordering depends on availablility.


All plants react to changes in water parameters differently. When moved from our aquariums to your aquariums, the plant will need to adjust to your lighting, nutrients, and water parameters. This may cause some melting. If this occurs in your plants, cut away the dead leaves. The plant will adjust in a few days to a couple weeks and new leaves will grow in their place. Careful not to cut away too many leaves at once. This melting is most commonly seen with crypts but can occur in other plants as well. If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us.