Rooted Tanks of Cheyenne

Although Rooted Tanks is an online retailer, we are dedicated to servicing the aquarium hobbyists of Cheyenne, WY and nearby areas. We offer curbside pick up by appointment only. When ordering items directly in our online store, be sure to choose "Free Local Pick Up" as your delivery option. Orders can also be scheduled by contacting us directly through Facebook or email. We are prepared to accept all major credit cards and cash. Along with the items found in our online store, locals are also able to pick out aquarium rock and large decorative spiderwood, as well as order fish for pick up. See below for more details.

Rooted Tanks Planted Aquarium Rock

Need Aquarium Safe Rock?

Rooted Tanks carries a variety of aquarium safe rock, also perfect for those planted aquariums. At $3/lb, you can pick your perfect piece best suited for your aquarium. We carry Ohko Dragon Stone, Black Seiryu Stone, Black Volcanic Rock, Maple Leaf Stone, Petrified Wood Stone, Elephant Skin Stone, and Mexican Beach Pebble. Schedule an appointment to pick your perfect piece. 

Want to Add Even More Uniqueness?

Here at Rooted Tanks, we are working to provide even more for you to create that unique and special aquascape. Spiderwoods and other forms of decorative wood are completely different from one another and offer multiple uses. Woods are great to attach specific plants to and offer shelter to more reclusive fish. Those scheduled to pick up their order may also pick their specific piece. Smaller pieces are usually randomized and larger pieces are individually pictured. Message us today and get yours ordered.

Rooted Tanks Plants Aquarium Decor
Rooted Tanks Planted Aquarium Fish

Needing New Fish?

As Rooted Tanks continues to grow, we would like to offer more than just plants to our local customers. Rooted Tanks is ready to offer freshwater fish safe for your planted aquariums. Check out our fish page and feel free to email us with any questions.