My name is Athena and I have been a fish tank enthusiast for nearly 10 years. My fish keeping began when I was a child in foster care needing an extra friend. This friend was calico in color with beautiful flowing fins. I took care of him religiously based on what I felt to be right for my new goldfish. I finally brought him home with me to my family and housed him for about two years before he passed. I remember feeling how incredible it was that a small fish could help me when I felt completely alone.

Many years later, I decided to try keeping fish again. I remembered the joy that little goldfish brought me. To my surprise, I discovered planted aquariums and I was completely blown away by their beauty. I became infatuated by plants and set my mission to learn what I could about keeping them and growing them within my tanks while housing a variety of community fish. There were a lot of ups and downs in the beginning, as most plant hobbyists can relate, but with the proper equipment, tools, and knowledge I have been able to expand my capabilities in keeping plants. I want to share that information to help new and seasoned hobbyists in successful plant keeping. Not only can plants benefit the lives of your fish, but it can create a relaxing and peaceful environment for you as well.

Rooted Tanks mission is to provide quality plants and accompanying knowledge to our customers surrounding the South Eastern Wyoming region. We pledge to bring beautiful aquatic plants to the region and expand upon the capabilities of local hobbyists.

Rooted Tanks aquarium plants are housed in aquariums that are given appropriate lights and fertilizers so they can gain strength and flourish in your aquariums at home. Most plants supplied to hobbyists and sold at local fish stores are grown out of water (emersed). The biggest issue I have experienced is that most aquarium plants struggle to adjust when planted in most aquariums. We take the time in proper husbandry of these plants so they can thrive immediately upon placement in your aquarium. This will help new and veteran plant keepers alike.  

Take a look at the selection of plants. If you have any questions before you place an order, please feel free to contact me at

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Athena S.

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