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As a new online retailer, Rooted Tanks is dedicated to the look and care of freshwater aquarium plants. We take careful consideration of our plants to ensure greater success for all, from new hobbyists to veteran hobbyists. Most aquatic plants available for sale within the hobby community come from nurseries that grow their plants out of water. This allows them to produce greater numbers. At Rooted Tanks, we take the time in proper plant husbandry to begin the process of converting them over from emersed grown to submersed grown. This helps condition the plants for success in your aquariums.

We offer Priority Shipping starting at $9.99, as well as free shipping on orders $100 or more. For those that live close to Cheyenne, WY, you have the option for free curbside pickup. Please refer to the Shipping Information for more information.

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What is Thrive fertilizer?

Thrive, by NilocG, is an easy to use capsulated and liquid fertilizer with increased concentration of essential micro and macro nutrients. When using Thrive, there is no need to use multiple products to maintain a planted aquarium. This well balanced product is very important for the health and growth of your aquarium plants. Available Thrive products include Thrive, Thrive S, Thrive C, Thrive +, and Thrive Caps. Find out what makes each of these items special.

Why Choose Rooted Tanks?

  • Our aquarium plants have begun the process of converting from emersed growth to submersed growth.

  • Our aquarium plants are mostly cultivated in the United States.

  • We offer a Live Arrival Guarantee on each of our shipped aquarium plants.

  • We are a family owned business.

  • We offer exceptional customer service and an abundance of information related to planted aquariums.


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Amber Seward

Great communication before, during and after my purchase. I will definitely order again. The plants were healthy, packaged well, and better than expected. They are growing in my new tank set up. Thanks Rooted Tanks!

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